Why is our president bowing to the U.S. enemies?

I’m sitting here tonight, about 24 hours after having learned and confirmed the outrageous stories I’ve been reading, and all linking back to reputable newspapers around the world, confirming the following unfair acts about to occur in Honduras. Interestingly enough, all this came up after a U.S. State Dept. envoy flew to Honduras earlier this week, to meet with all interested parties: Micheletti, Lobo and Zelaya.  Soon after he landed, the following news came out in the Honduras news-stream.

1. President-elect Pofirio Lobo asks that president Micheletti step down before his inauguration on January 27th. What is Pepe Lobo thinking? Who’s going to run the country in the meantime? Zelaya? Chavez? Who? Interim president Micheletti has stood strong in the face of unfair condemnation, protecting the peace-loving citizens of Honduras, from the red thugs that have invaded it, sent and financed by Chavez, to keep stirring trouble, kill with impunity, and later blame the military and the Honduras interim leadership. (For facts and link backs on these statements, please read my previous posts about Honduras.)

2. Soon after that, it was announced that interim president Micheletti will NOT be present at Porfirio Lobo’s inauguration.

3. Porfirio Lobo extended instead, an invitation to his inauguration to Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, yes the Sandinista president of Nicaragua, who rose to office under questionable circumstances! What is wrong with Lobo? Is he also inviting Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Ill of North Korea, Kadafi, the FARC, Hezbollah and all the other dictators around the world? Is president Obama going to be invited too? Will he stand among the enemies of the United States?

4. Yesterday it was all over the Twitter Honduras feed, that the brave military general, Romeo Vasquez, who executed the orders of the Supreme Court to remove Zelaya, is now under indictment and will be prosecuted. For what? For following an order of the judiciary? Apparently the courts are going after him, the very courts that issued the order to have Zelaya removed from power!!

And where is president-elect Porfirio Lobo in all this? Why is this coincidentially happening soon after the visit of the United States envoy? As much as I am a staunch supporter of my home country, the United States, of its president and current administration, I am in total disagreement with the way the Honduras situation is being handled.

It is clear by the actions mentioned above, that someone is trying to reverse the discontent that the ALBA club has expressed lately against the United States, accusing them of supporting the so called, “coupe.” Why are, our president, the U.S., the U.N., the O.A.S., the new Honduras president, all bowing down to the will of Hugo Chavez and his dictator friends, his narco friends? Don’t they know the truth behind the Miraflores Cartel? Don’t they have intelligence on what is really happening?

A dear Honduran expatriate in Europe shared with me the possible connection between Chavez’ Citgo, Citizen’s Energy led by one of the Kennedys, which gives free oil to poor Americans, and president Obama. I would find it appalling and very disappointing to even begin to concede that this is one of the reasons why our president is bowing down to the Miraflores Cartel out of Caracas. While it was understandable George Bush’s attachment to the oil connection, it is NOT understandable, it is not even conceivable, to think that our president is bowing down to Hugo Chavez because of the Kennedy/free-cheap oil connection. I would be outraged, majorly disappointed and I would find the new administration no different than the previous one.

As a result, below is my open letter, to our current leadership, to Mr. Obama, to Secretary Clinton, regarding Honduras:

Dear Mr. Obama:

You came in under the premise of change. You charged into the White House, full of energy, hope, optimism, promise. And now, why do so many of us see you fold under secrecy, under so much hesitance. What are you not telling us??

The Honduras situation, where so many of us Latin Americans, not only in Latin America and here in the US, but also around the world, are closely following, has proven to be a test where you and my dear Secretary Clinton, seem to be well on the path to losing credibility. Why all of the sudden did you send someone, this week, only a few weeks away from the inauguration of Pepe Lobo, to scratch and dig up the wounds that had begun to heal after the successful November election in Honduras? Please help us understand.  Why the need to please the Miraflores Cartel?

I still believe in you, Mr. Obama and in Mrs. Clinton. I’d still like to believe that you’re being ill-advised, that someone is manipulating the facts and presenting you the wrong information. Perhaps there is something that you both know and see, something that millions of us are not seeing.

Let me tell you what we see. We see a dangerous anti-democratic alliance growing south of the border. Many of the United States enemies, who will do anything to obliterate us, are dangerously uniting, taking advantage of our internal challenges, or our internal division, to gather force right south of our border. Why don’t you see what we see?

1. Iran’s Ahmadinejad is visiting Latin America more than Bush or you ever have, signing hundreds of agreements, including nuclear ones, exchanging money and God only knows what else.

2. Dangerous alliances between Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah, Castro

3. A rise of oppressive regimes, who after being democratically elected to office, change the constitution, via a rigged, referendum to extend indefinitely their terms in office, dissolve congress and do away with the checks and balances of power.

4. Dangerous alliance between Chavez, Correa, Morales and the FARC, where it makes sense that Morales from Bolivia would be a key piece. After all, it is known all over South America that in Bolivia is where most of the coca is grown. Why has Iran committed so many millions of dollars to Bolivia?

5. The suppression of freedom of the press in Ecuador and Venezuela, persecution of anyone who opposes Chavez and Correa, rampant crime, impune deaths, coincidentially, of many political opponents of these dangerous men, usually by way of drive-by shootings or motor-rides, a-la-Iran style.

6. People who always have treasured their freedoms all over Latin America, are now nervous, looking over their shoulders, since now “neighborhood committees” have been set up for neighbors and family members to snitch on each other, communist style.

Why can’t you see what millions of us see? Why can’t you see what Honduras pulled itself from?

When you give into Chavez and his dictator ALBA friends, who have bought control of the O.A.S.’ Insulza and the U.N., you lose credibility, each day a little more with millions of us here at home and around the world. My heart breaks in disappointment. My heart sinks when I read of your alignments with these men. Don’t you realize that the left here in the States is NOT the same as the left in Latin America? Those men want the end of democracy as we know it. They mock it by creating “constitutions” that legalize their dictatorships and extend indefinitely their term in power.

I don’t know how else, in how many ways to tell you this. I urge you, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, to reconsider your stance with Honduras. I truly believe you’re ill-advised. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Please do not look at it through that lens, for millions of us stand to lose, not only our freedoms but possibly our lives and those of the ones we love. Millions of Latin Americans support the United States, you, and have been loyal to the United States. Please don’t disappoint us.

Are you willing to also sacrifice the lives of thousands of us who are in danger for speaking up, just like you have allowed the butchery in Iran, so that you can be in good terms with the henchmen who illegitimately have remained in power?

I know you’re smarter than that.

All I ask is that you look at the facts, not only presented by your advisors, but look at what’s in the papers all over Latin America. You may not read Spanish but I’m willing to translate, just like I do for my fellow readers here. There is so much information out there, I don’t understand how can you miss it.

Please don’t sacrifice true democracy for the sake of keeping the bosses of the Miraflores Cartel happy (AKA ALBA). See my previous article for additional information on that reference. If you side with them, you won’t only lose credibility with the voters here in the States, but also with millions of people around the world, who filled with hope, celebrated your election.

Right now our hearts are sinking.

Still a believer, that yes we can.


One last word, I’d like to link here a great article, written by Mark Klugmann, in BigJournalism.com. It is titled, “Storyboarding the News: How the MSM Turned the Honduran Crisis into A Comic Book”. A realistic look at the bill of goods sold to us by the Main Stream Media, likely the same bill of goods being sold to President Obama and Secretary Clinton. I hope this sheds some light on the real story in Honduras, and its meaning on the future peace in our continent.

Click here to go to Mark Klugman’s article.

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on “Why is our president bowing to the U.S. enemies?
One Comment on “Why is our president bowing to the U.S. enemies?
  1. I completely understand your frustration regarding the recent acts by the US administration on the Honduran issue. You have accurately described the crisis and a real threat (ALBA) to freedom, democracy, development and economic growth in the Western Hemisphere.

    I do not believe the administration’s acts are a result of a void of information, in fact I am certain they know exactly what is going on taking into account the size and budget of the US intelligence apparatus. My best guess is these acts are facilitated by a desire of the new administration to distance itself from its predecessor by playing the role of “unbiased” broker on this issue. This is consistent with their desire for a “multilateral” approach to foreign policy. Unfortunately this approach only works under the assumption that the majority of countries involved are morally correct in their assessment of a situation. In reality, this is not usually the case given multiple agendas in addition to the fact that many countries are not democracies and incite these issues to direct attention away from their own misgivings. In this particular case, a great example is Brazil. Their desire to lock up a reliable oil supplier (Venezuela) to fuel rapid economic growth, in addition to Lula trying to make a “socialist” mark before the upcoming Brazilian election (where he will NOT run) has driven Brazil’s morally bankrupt position on Honduras. This is especially true given Lula’s budding friendship with the tyrant Ahmadinejad. There are many other examples but I think my point has been made.

    In summary, from a foreign policy perspective, I hope Obama will grow up and realize that sometimes the world needs a leader to take a principaled position on foreign policy, without giving credence to the global chorus of criticism. This has been partially accomplished by the US acceptance of the election results but unjustly punishing those in Honduras responsible for protecting freedom in order to make a last ditch effort to pander to vile anti-US dictators? Not a good start.

    World Affairs Guy

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